Well, this is something new, isn’t it?!

Lately, I have really had no creative outlet for anything that I’ve been thinking. I used to write rather often on Xanga, but that community seems to have died along with my outset from high school into college; it’s all about that newfangled myspace now. (Improper semi-colon use? Who knows?! For once I don’t care!) However, on this myspace thing I don’t really feel that I’m afforded the prevalence of blogging on my page that I desire. Posts are hidden behind titles that are displayed in inappropriately small text on the main page of your profile. As a result of this seemingly minor gripe, I have decided to branch out into the world of this wordpress thing to write some stuff about some other stuff. However, don’t get too excited – this little obsession of mine will likely not last more than a few days. I have passing fancies like that, you see.

It would be very unbecoming of me, however, to publicly expose anything about my emotionality in any kind of relatively accessible location (I’m quite shy, haha), so I will likely only write about my feelingless, detached philosophical musings and social observations, which are, at times, rather profound. I can also be somewhat humorous at times, in a very dry way. I’ve decided (using inspiration from a half-jokingly and sleep-deprivation encouraged idea that I and a friend of mine came up with years ago) to perhaps branch out into YouTube or Google Video with a series of parodies of Air Bud placing a dog in seemingly preposterous activities that make playing sports such as basketball and volleyball look like child’s play. Race car driving and rocket science come to mind.

Anyway, if I get terribly lucky, my readership base will branch out far into the corners of the universe, and I will become an internet celebrity, likened to such recognizable people as Brad Pitt (because of my startling good looks) and Socrates (for my astute and brilliant observations) However, in the most likely scenario only about seven people will ever look at this site and they will devotedly leave me comments telling me how excellent I am.

I am quite subject to flattery, after all.


2 responses to “Well, this is something new, isn’t it?!

  1. it’s like everything you do is a perpetual ‘sneak-peek’ into homosexuality

  2. Haha, oh, I understand now.

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